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After some research online (and asking what His Editorship owned), I contacted the Cannon Safe Company and made arrangements to get one of their C-30 Fireproof safes in Pacific Blue color with chrome hardware.
sit in a fireproof safe and I'll keep the prior week's at home.
It is understood the bundles of cash had been carefully wrapped in plastic and stored in a special shockproof and fireproof safe.
For $300 to $350 you can get a system that allows the executive to back up data daily onto cassettes, which he then stores-preferably in a fireproof safe at a remote site.
A fireproof safe bolted to a floor in your home, or at minimum a locked file cabinet, may be better, as long as you share the combination or key (or its location) with your trusted person.
He did not have off site backup, instead he relied on a local backup to an external HDD which was kept in a fireproof safe on premise every night.
Carefully evaluate the feasibility of encrypting your most sensitive data, making a backup and storing it in a fireproof safe or off site, and using a dedicated computer for all sensitive information.
The town is required by state law to maintain some town clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board and other municipal records in a fireproof safe, and has been under an order from the state to build such a vault since 1975.
You can keep a will in your own house in a fireproof safe.