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Crucial distribution information stored on computer back-up tapes were recovered from a fireproof safe located in a separate building and new computer equipment was quickly delivered to the new premises where the data was uploaded.
However, it is often the practice in Scotland for solicitors to hold on to the title deeds in a fireproof safe.
The same security steps you perform on your paper documents--ranging from locking up highly critical paper in a fireproof safe to having a regular written retention policy--also are vital for your paperless documents.
These experts also suggest safeguarding all precious financial documents by keeping copies in a secure place such as a fireproof safe or bank safe-deposit box and by making sure those executing your estate plan know how to access your documents quickly.
They had opened the fireproof safe and discovered all the ledgers burned.
sit in a fireproof safe and I'll keep the prior week's at home.
It is understood the bundles of cash had been carefully wrapped in plastic and stored in a special shockproof and fireproof safe.
For $300 to $350 you can get a system that allows the executive to back up data daily onto cassettes, which he then stores-preferably in a fireproof safe at a remote site.