Firm Offer

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Firm Offer

A definite and binding proposal, in writing, to enter into a contractual agreement.

A firm offer generally states that it will remain open for a certain set time period during which it is incapable of being revoked.

Firm offers are frequently made by merchants who wish to buy or sell goods and are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.

firm offer

n. in contract law, an offer (usually in writing) which states it may not be withdrawn, revoked or amended for a specific period of time. If the offer is accepted without a change during that period, there is a firm, enforceable contract. (See: contract, offer, acceptance)

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The QPR boss said: "If a club wants him and comes in and make firm offers and if the owners think it is the right offer then he will go.
My firm offers the following types of family leave (multiple answers): Maternity leave C 42.
In addition to supplying natural rubber, the firm offers such products as NBR/PVC (OZO), high styrene resins, nitrile powder, polychloroprene, crumb rubber, EPDM and poly-separator sheeting.
WEST Brom chairman Jeremy Peace has halted speculation the club could be sold after admitting he has received no firm offers of investment.
Indian firm offers autotuned PID temperature controls, single- or multi-zone.
Referrals: Most ElderCare/PrimePlus services referrals come from others within the community who are aware that a firm offers these services.
Now a broker has to have more than just sales and relationship skills, but knowledge of all the aspects of the business and the services that broker's real estate firm offers.
MILLIONS of people are losing cash because of ``phone fog'' and confusion over which firm offers the cheapest deal,MPs have warned.
Jackson also revealed there have been no firm offers to buy Motherwell as yet.
I think that if a firm offers benefits to a married couple, they ought to offer it to domestic partners.
LeRoy's firm offers to take over clients' work related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, "and in some cases the firms are very pleased to give it to us.
The firm offers a pension based on one sixtieth of final pay per year worked.