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Swift Navigation, a San Francisco-based tech start-up that builds centimetre-accurate GPS technology for autonomous vehicles, has launched the second major firmware upgrade to its flagship product Piksi Multi GNSS Module.
Moreover, the new firmware upgrade supports MAC authentication bypass via RADIUS server, and also fixes certain security vulnerabilities to protect the switches from malicious intrusion.
In addition to the data capability, the firmware upgrade for IsatPhone Pro will include service enhancements.
The firmware upgrade also provides a faster AF speed on the camera, which ensures that users never miss that perfect moment.
In response to the needs of a wide range of users, the new firmware upgrades will add such features as a new image-quality setting that facilitates video recording with reduced noise even in low-light conditions2, as well as numerous functions that deliver enhanced basic performance, such as the ability to stream live video over an IP network.
The firmware upgrade and Intel SSD Optimizer use the Windows 7 ATA Data Set Management Command (known as Trim) to help keep the Intel SSD running at continued high performance.
Because your Jini-aware tape libraries and bridges have pre-registered for such events, the customer's Jini Lookup service notifies them of the firmware upgrade availability.
a leader in digital imaging, announced today that the company will make available in October 2014 a free firmware upgrade for its DP-V3010 4K Reference Display (launched in January 2014) that delivers enhanced basic performance, enabling the review of video footage supporting the ITU-R BT.
IGEL's latest firmware upgrade allows all Linux-based IGEL thin clients to be easily switched from IGEL Universal Desktop to a virtual PC using ICA to access Citrix XenDesktop.
IGEL Technology, a thin client vendor, announced on Tuesday (24 July) its latest Linux firmware upgrade.
This firmware upgrade boosts performance to 100 MB per second for Nexsan RAID storage using a single iSCSI port, and 180 megabytes per second using dual ports.
2020) color space employed in the 4K TV broadcasting tests carried out earlier this year in Japan, the firmware upgrade for the EOS C500 and EOS C500 PL camera models facilitates the capture of high-resolution video supporting the color space employed in the ITU-R BT.