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Hence the contrast between 'tool or 'tooli and tooli in table 5 identifies TOOL as a first declension noun.
Quantitative contrasts also play a role in the paradigms of first declension nouns that contain short illative singular forms.
The two largest classes are the first declension, which contains nominals with vowel-final partitive singulars and the second declension, which contains nominals with consonant-final partitive singulars and non-trochaic genitive singulars.
The defining characteristic of the first declension is a partitive singular ending in one of the theme vowels a, e, i, or u.
In all grade-alternating first declension paradigms, the strong stem realizes the partitive singular and the weak stem realizes the genitive singular, defining a 'weakening' pattern.
Although most genitive plurals are based on the partitive singular, partitive plurals based on the partitive singular are a characteristic feature of the first declension.
In sum, a first declension nominal is not only identified by a vocalic partitive singular, but also by the forms that it predicts.
As illustrated in table 7, the first declension contains morphologically simple nouns with quadrisyllabic genitive singulars in -i, such as koridori.

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