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A fictitious surname used for an unknown or anonymous person or for a hypothetical person in an illustration.

A lawsuit is generally named for the persons who are parties to it. When the name of a party is unknown, the court clerk may direct that the person be called a fictitious name in the papers of the lawsuit. This also may be done to hide the identity of a person who would needlessly suffer if his name were known—for example, the name of a parent who is giving up a child for Adoption or the name of a juvenile charged with a crime.

Frequently used fictitious party names include Richard Roe, Mary Roe, and john doe.

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Copper sulfate safely prevents fungus on fish eggs.
Fish eggs have occasionally been reported as an important perch dietary item (Zick et al.
Historically, the identification of fish eggs has been limited; illustrative guides often reference a small subsample of eggs from known parents or a small quantity of eggs collected during surveys and reared through the larval and juvenile stages (Colton and Marak (1); Ahlstrom and Moser, 1980; Berrien and Sibunka (2)).
The population density of fin fish eggs observed during the study period (January-2011 to December-2012) is given in Figure 45.
Caviar, or fish eggs, contains the same healthful omega-3 fatty acids as salmon.
Industry executives, environmentalists and analysts agree that the unregulated importation of fish eggs from Norway, some of which were infected with the ISA virus, triggered the crisis in Chile's fish industry.
The purpose of this study was to document an increase in the occurrence of kelp and fish eggs in the diet of a relatively stable sea otter population in an area occupied for over 30 y.
Rather than destroy the haul (as killjoy jobsworths did on the previous occasion), the authorities decided instead to dish out the fish eggs to local charities for the homeless.
Local schools each received 100 fish eggs in January and students have since been rearing wild brown trout in special aquarium hatcheries in their classrooms.
The fish eggs - flown in from Iran to her salon - cost pounds 235 a time.
For many years, a fungal removal agent called malachite green was commonly used to control parasitic water mold on fish eggs.