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A fictitious surname used for an unknown or anonymous person or for a hypothetical person in an illustration.

A lawsuit is generally named for the persons who are parties to it. When the name of a party is unknown, the court clerk may direct that the person be called a fictitious name in the papers of the lawsuit. This also may be done to hide the identity of a person who would needlessly suffer if his name were known—for example, the name of a parent who is giving up a child for Adoption or the name of a juvenile charged with a crime.

Frequently used fictitious party names include Richard Roe, Mary Roe, and john doe.

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The fish eggs are placed inside the abdominal cavity or loose.
Now all fish egg imports must be tested for disease.
In most studies of the feeding habits of capelin, fish eggs and larvae have been found to have been eaten by capelin, although these prey types generally represent a minor portion of the diet, occurring in less than 5% of stomachs (Huse and Toresen, 1996; O'Driscoll et al.
4,2) 19 Largest Hebridean island (5) 20 Jogger (6) 22 Relieve (4) 24 Vague amount (3) 25 Implement, tool (7) 26 Edging stones (5) 27 Jam ingredient (5) 28 Searches (5) 29 Royal insignia (7) 30 Numpty (5) 31 Publish (5) 2 Dancing dress (6) 3 Magic potion (6) 4 Mass of fish eggs (3) 5 Notions (5) 6 Core (7) 7 No more than (4) 8 Surpasses (6) 12 Warn off (5) 13 Supreme Hindu god (5) 14 Clever (5) 15 Volume of maps (5) 16 Country bumpkin (5) 18 Abandons (5) 19 Young hare (7) 21 Tentative (6) 22 Win affection (6) 23 Penetrate (the mind) (4,2) 25 German submarine (1-4) 26 TV actress, - - - Corbett (4) 28 Small drink (3)
The code's contents includes tips on stopping the spread of invasive species and how to prevent riverbed fish eggs being disturbed.
Ducks eat aquatic plants, grasses, seeds, bugs, slugs, snails, small frogs, submerged pond weeds, fish eggs, fish, to name but a few.
We supply fish eggs to people involved in the business of fishery so that they can obtain high produce.
Just in case salted fish eggs were not stomach-churning enough to constitute a 'delicacy' for more upmarket readers, Harrods has come up with just the thing- at a handsome price, naturally.
In December 2004, more than 70 nests of fish eggs, called redds, were found with peak numbers near West Dipton Burn.
Mito (1960, 1979) and Ikeda and Mito (1988) developed methods for identifying pelagic fish eggs based on morphological features.
These cast a sickly tinted light on a polished aluminum orifice based on the vessel for the Black Stone, a holy relic of Islam, as well as on several life-size fiberglass casts of donkeys, a pile of camel saddles, and a clutch of structures modeled partly in "PeaRoeFoam" (a repellent cocktail of dried peas, fish eggs, and foam beads, into which Rhoades sinks a variety of other objects).
Small plastic pellets are a hazard for hungry seabirds, which mistake them for fish eggs or other food.