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The scientists say the fish hooks they found with a skeleton of a female from that time period are the oldest known ones involved in a burial ritual, according to a statement from (http://www.
A German Shepherd died after eating a poisoned sausage left out, while a Labrador had to undergo emergency surgery to have its life saved after eating a sausage with a triple fish hook lodged inside it.
The present reports discusses a case of entangled fish hook in an Indian Flapshell turtle and its management.
Tumu Whakarae Keelan Ransfield said the logo resembled an aho or a fish hook similar to that used by Maui when he fished Aotearoa up from the depths of Tangaroa.
THIS seagull was killed when a discarded fish hook got stuck in its head.
I recall seeing a photo of Amy once and her mouth was so distorted that it looked as though she had a fish hook in her mouth.
Met in the market of TenE s, Younes come to get supplied with fish hook, lures and other materials.
We bandaged the injured man's finger, and it looked like he might need surgery to remove the fish hook.
When they examined him, they found a large fish hook sticking out of his mouth.
THIS tough old bird is still going strong despite being shot with a crossbow, a shotgun and an airgun, and swallowing a fish hook.
At the summerhouse named Fish Hook, "week-ends meant family clambakes on the beach, hoisting the American flag on the knoll near the house, and excursions to the big rock at Indian Hill, reputedly the site of an Indian dancing field.
Now, the Casitas Municipal Water District is waging a battle against another possible hurdle for the trout -- the fish hook.