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For Marx, "man is affirmed in his objective world not only in the act of thinking but with all his senses" and he claimed that the "forming of the five senses is a labor of humanized nature.
Clearly Five Senses director Podeswa would agree; he joined in the discussion from Toronto--reduced via speakerphone to just the sense of hearing.
The Garden of Five Senses may not be the best place for philosophical peregrinations on China's turbulent history, but Mao's words echoed in my head as I saw a hundred romances blossom in that vast incubator of love.
This kind of prayer makes full use of the five senses and is flexible and responsive.
The Sense of Smell Institute, the research and education division of The Fragrance Foundation, is a leading resource for understanding this least understood of our five senses.
of Sydney) offer a translation of Michel Serres' The Five Senses.
C Rosenquist, The Super Elastic Traveling Sound Circus is a poetry collection assembled from metaphors drawing on all five senses.
GLENDALE - As she teaches Edison Elementary School kindergartners about the five senses, Susana Arevalo speaks Spanish.
The treatment was geared to engage the five senses and my therapist even clinked some symbols to mark the start and then sounded them again at the end.
Bob Raczka's More Than Meets The Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses (0761327975) is a top pick for any elementary- grade library seeking quality, lasting art titles: here, it's explained art can be tasted, heard, and even smelled
The installation has been created by artists Michelle Tripp and Dave Allinson, who have explored ways of bridging the gaps between the five senses together with the relationship between science, technology, religion and art.
What are the classic five senses of an average human being?