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Even then Jerome wore the same fixed expression of macho incomprehension that sticks with him throughout this truly dreadful drama.
Five-feet of thunder with the voice of a Scouse Roedean gym mistress and a fixed expression that says: "I can read you like a book and if you decide to take me on, you'll lose.
The Frenchman said: "It was a fixed expression, cold and very strange.
Provides for a variety of modes of expression, such as the transmission of stamps or fixed expressions in real time
But her fixed expressions, as she greeted fans on a French talk show alongside co-star TimRoth on Tuesday, suggested she was trying the treatment again.
In a revised version of his 2007 doctoral dissertation Delexicalisation Patterns: A Corpus-Based Approach to Incipient Productivity in Fixed Expressions at the University of Bremen, Zeschel explores how speakers alter elements of fixed expressions to fit novel circumstances, and what that limited variability reveals about the processes of language change and grammaticalization.
Katherine Moraz, who plays Yellow Bear, points out: "The puppets have fixed expressions, so when you have the actor next to them you do subconsciously absorb what the actor is doing too.
The glossary is followed by a very useful list of phrases comprising 164 fixed expressions.

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