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Demand in the construction sector is high, with the majority of flame retardants being used in pipes and cables made from plastic in residential buildings.
Reactive brominated flame retardants include tetrabromobisphenol A (BA-59P) and tetrabromophthalic anhydride (PHT-4) for epoxies and unsaturated polyesters.
manufacturers adhere to California's flammability standard - termed "Technical Bulletin 117" (TB117) - and use flame retardants in residential furniture.
The introduction summarizes the different types of flame retardants and informs about regulations and health issues.
Construction products were the largest market for flame retardants in 2006, accounting for one-third of demand by volume.
According to an updated technical market research report, "Flame retardant chemicals--RC-004B," from BCC Research, the consumption of flame retardant chemicals worldwide was 2.
I am pleased to submit this letter as a representative of the American Chemistry Council Brominated Flame Retardants Industry Panel (BFRIP).
says it will invest $5 million-$10 million to add a new supply well for the extraction of elemental bromine at its El Dorado facility and double the capacity of its polybrominated styrene (PBS) series of performance brominated flame retardants to meet strong industry demand.
The controversy runs the gamut from claims by environmental groups that flame retardants used in the equipment is hazardous, and resultant action by the European Union, to a CPSC defense of the safety of inkjet printers.
US demand for flame retardants is expected to grow over 4 percent per year to 1.