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Flameless catalytic gas heaters for heavy-gauge and roll-fed thermoformers.
For more information, see the Update to Food Service Flasher Message #01-10, Waste Disposal of Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH):
Among Viatek's new-product launches at the Housewares Show last month were Candle Sensations, a group of flameless, scented candles with changeable fragrances: the Chill and Go Tumbler, a reusable tumbler made with Get Chill technology which keeps drinks cold: the Handheld BI-adeiess Fan, a handheld fan that delivers cool air without blades and the noise they create: and the Clean Spin 360.
The Now Ruz celebration includes a Haft Sin table, flameless fire jumping, art activities, board games and a scavenger hunt.
The system, consisting of stainless steel pipe, valves and fittings, provides a faster, more reliable, flameless way to make water-tight and air-tight stainless steel connections.
Since we are not planning to live in the barn permanently, we decided to heat with a flameless catalytic propane heater, so we didn't have to put a chimney in.
The case also has a flameless lighter - a USB rechargeable metallic coil that can light a cigarette or a tinder.
Button batteries are found in many common household products such as remote control devices that unlock car doors, TV remote controls, calculators, hearing aids, bathroom scales, reading lights, flameless candles and talking and singing books and greeting cards.
Among the topics are drag reduction of bamboo and abaca fiber suspensions in a circular pipe, the influence of temperature in wear resistance characteristics of palm fatty acid distillate, a solar air-conditioning system using single-double effect combined absorption chiller, the design of a four-stroke homogeneous charge compression ignition engine, and protecting the environmental and reducing fuel consumption by using flameless combustion technology.
BS&B Safety Systems, a global expert in explosion protection technology, is launching a flameless venting system specific to bucket elevator operations, to protect against explosions.
MAC Leasing, established in 1983 and restructured in 2010, focused specifically on the rental and service of its heating products, a line that includes indirect-fired, flameless and hydronic surface heaters ranging in size from 200,000 to 4.
PartyLite is the world's number one party plan company selling candles, candle holders, flameless fragrance and wax warmers as well as holiday and home decor predominately through independent PartyLite business entrepreneurs.