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According to experts, these sound bombs give out 180 decibels of sound and the flash grenades give off a flash equal to 8 million candles.
And the US-based anti-whaling group also claimed two other protesters on board their ship were injured by flash grenades thrown by the Japanese from the Nisshin Maru yesterday.
Fight scenes are frenetic, if not chaotic, with the introduction of flash grenades and high-tech weaponry providing a completely new twist to the CoD battle scenes.
They could hear the radio transmission as the Black Hawks were downed and he writes of how he and his group grabbed extra IV bags, ammo and ammo pouches full of flash grenades, as well as the Remington 870 sawed-off shot gun rounds to breach doors.
As they accumulate more points, they can purchase new weapons--ranging from pistols to flash grenades that temporarily blind their opponents--to supplement their standard-issue rifle and knife.
An officer clad head to toe in black armor; helmeted, gas-masked and wearing combat gear; armed with a long baton, heavy pistol, Taser, shotgun and assault rifle; and hung with dazzle flash grenades, tear gas grenades and the like, is far more likely to look on civilians as threats, rather than as people to serve and protect.
Riot officers responded with teargas and flash grenades, and running battles broke out in the streets of the St Louis suburb.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The US police troops arrested 100 protesters on Saturday during a chaotic day of Occupy protest in the city of Oakland in which police fired tear gas and used flash grenades to disperse protesters.
Secure local sources told official Palestinian news wire Wafa that the troops used flash grenades as they invaded the home of Abdurraziq Abu al-Rab.
Thousands of protesters angry over corruption and rising utility bills had earlier seized government buildings and clashed with riot police who fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades at the crowd.