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Auditory and visual hallucinadons, flat affect, thought blocking, alogia, suicidal ideation, insomnia, psychomotor retardation, agitation, and anxiety also were noted in the group.
Nurses may easily recognize a flat affect or a behavior change from outgoing to withdrawn.
Unlike Murakami's DOB, with its wide-eyed, flat affect, these two-dimensional figures proudly announce the three-dimensionality of their hurt: They may look like paper dolls, but their wounds are spatial (the arrows puncture their flatness) and the spelling mistake ("fat lipp") adds texture.
By comparison, clients with a severe mental disorder often present with flat affect (are unexpressive) or present with excessive emotionality that seems not to fit the situations they are addressing.
He had a fever higher than 100[degrees] F with a stiff neck, flat affect, and lethargy.