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If individuals having scores 1 and 2 in flat foot group and individuals having 0, -1, -2 in none flat foot group, by using [X.
Meaning that there is no significant difference for observing flat foot in both groups of women with urinary continence and with stress urinary incontinence (p = 0.
Flat foot functional evaluation using pattern recognition of ground reaction data, Clin.
Meaning that there is no significant difference in both groups of incontinence and continence urinary for severe flat foot (p = 0.
There was no significant difference between number of individuals with flat foot through scaling by observation in both groups of urinary continence and stress urinary incontinence.
For this purpose, firstly, Force plate on the ground and the distance from the subject (at least seven step away) and the subjects were placed in a walking shoe stepping on a force plate with regular exercise Then the subjects were asked to use a flat foot insoles embedded and re-do the walking and stepping on the force plate.
In this research, some doctors recommend insoles for flat foot robot Hani medical companies in the market are used.
Before this study, we were not sure whether you could salvage patients with flat foot and ankle deformity and correct their ankle as well as their foot deformity.
Adult acquired flat foot deformity is basically a severe type of flat foot that develops for unknown reasons in individuals who have had flat feet all their life.