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To put into action, practice, or force; to make use of something, such as a right or option.

To exercise dominion over land is to openly indicate absolute possession and control.

To exercise discretion is to choose between doing and not doing something, the decision being based on sound judgment.


(Discharge a function), verb act, administer, carry into execution, carry on, carry out, conduct, do duty, efficere, engage in, execute, exercere, facere, officiate, perform, practice, pursue, put in motion, put into action, put into effect, put into practice, serve as, translate into action, wage
Associated concepts: authority exercised under the United States Constitution, exercise an option, exercise jurisdiccion, exercise of judicial discretion
Foreign phrases: Cui jurisdictio data est, ea quoque connessa esse videntur, sine quibus jurisdictio explicari non potest.To whomsoever jurisdiction is given, those things also are supposed to be granted, without which the jurissiction cannot be exercised. Frustra est potentia quae nunquam venit in actum. A power is a vain one if it is never exercised.


(Use), verb apply, avail oneself of, bring into play, bring to bear, draw on, employ, make use of, operate, practice, put in action, put in practice, put to use, put to work, turn to account, utilize, wield
Associated concepts: exercise a right to vote, exercise an option, exercise discretion, exercise dominion, exercise due care, exercise of power
See also: act, apply, campaign, commission, discipline, effort, employ, endeavor, enterprise, exert, exploit, labor, officiate, operate, ply, practice, problem, resort, transaction, undertaking, wield, work
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Performing flexibility exercises at the conclusion of a training session and/or during recovery breaks (after catching your breath, while your muscles are fully warmed and flushed).
This was followed by 40 min of muscular strength, balance and flexibility exercises, and finished with 10 min of cool-down activities.
Exercise components are easily mastered and consist of aerobic activity (treadmill and elliptical machines), muscle strengthening (stability ball, stretch bands, dumbbells, and squat machine), and flexibility exercises.
Typically, they would focus on agreed goals using cardiovascular, strength or flexibility exercises.
In addition, do resistance and flexibility exercises designed to strengthen the muscles that are weak and stretch those that are tight.
To address all the components of fitness, an exercise program needs to include aerobic exercise, which is continuous repetitive movement of large muscle groups that raises your heart rate; weight lifting or strength training; and flexibility exercises or stretching.
Flexibility exercises should also be added in on day one.
Intervention: Medical care consisted of instruction in strengthening and flexibility exercises, and back care education, prescription of medications, and advice at the discretion of the doctor.
In a study of roughly 100 men and women aged 65 or older, the half who participated in stretching and flexibility exercises four times a week for a year reported fewer aches and pains than when they entered the study.
FLEXIBILITY, mobility and suppleness all refer to the range of limb movement around joints, and flexibility exercises and stretching are an important part of most training programmes.
For the flexibility exercises, participants were guided to maintain good posture and produce maximum stretch.
Moving to the next levels on the pyramid, a person should begin to integrate a regular program of planned or structured aerobic activity, then strength training and flexibility exercises.