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We are thrilled to cement our partnership with Flim Flam Films, particularly since we already view them as part of the National Lampoon family," stated Daniel Laikin, National Lampoon Chief Executive Officer.
Can't understand the flim flam over the lions selection.
Avrjoe I think there would be many, many more complaints if the people thought something would be done, not getting some flim flam answer.
Part of that assembly will involve recruiting a team coach and the favourite to take over is Troy Walkington - currently coach of Flim Flam Bombers in Saskatchewan - who took the Devils from seventh to runners-up spot in the Superleague two seasons ago.
If you're after hip-hop then Tuesday night offers Electromagnetic an old skool night at Clwb Ifor Bach, which is best summed up by the words of Malcolm X "no skullduggery, no flim flam, no sell-out.
A video-thon in honor of the powerful actor would certainly include many of these titles: "Gloria" "Angus" "Malice" "Firestarter" "Taps" "The Formula" "Hardcore" "Islands in the Stream" "The Hindenberg" "Bank Shot" "The Savage Is Loose" "Oklahoma Crude" "Rage" "The New Centurions" "The Last Run" "They Might Be Giants" "Petulia" "The Flim Flam Man" "The Yellow Rolls-Royce" "The List of Adrian Messenger" "Anatomy of a Murder" "The Hanging Tree" and one of AFI's Greatest American Movies, "Dr.
FOR sheer entertainment value, Pete Firman's Flim Flam was one of the more intriguing shows at this year's Fringe.
Plenty of salady flim flam was going on, with greenery sprouting all over the plate, two half lemons with a radish stuck in each one, two whole spring onions, splayed at the ends in a weak effort to look decorative, and a couple of mounds of bland coleslaw.