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2007, 2009) designed a hybrid FPGA to manipulate floating point applications, where the issue of high area utilization of floating point hardware is dealt.
We are seeing a significant leap forward in CNN performance and power efficiency with Arria 10 engineering samples, and the silicon's precision hard floating point in the DSP blocks is part of the reason we are seeing compelling results in our research," said Doug Burger, director, Client and Cloud Apps, Microsoft Research.
CellMath's floating point cores are all formally verifiable, to ensure the equivalence of gates and RTL models.
The B4000 ASB, CreamWare's most recent design, uses the precision of the floating point SHARC 2126x and 2136x to replicate the analog circuitry modeling of the Hammond B3 tonewheel organ, one of the most popular organs ever created and used by thousands of musicians from rock to gospel.
These designs will provide many numerical operations and functions that are ten to one-hundred times faster than those of conventional floating point hardware.
The floating point unit of the Nx586 processor family, called the Nx586-Pf100, offers excellent performance, with the very common add, subtract, and multiply operations all being executed in two clock cycles versus three clock cycles on the Pentium processor.
The software fix will use the Pentium processor's hardware floating point and also will verify the correctness of division operations.
The R8000 provides 300 million double-precision floating point operations per second (MFLOPS), 300 million instructions per second (MIPS) and a SPECint92 of 108.
Microway's CTO, Stephen Fried, commented, "The latest Intel architecture is especially interesting for applications that can take advantage of the SIMD floating point units found in Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors.
The CSX600 Advance(TM) PCI-X board contains two CSX600 co-processors and sustains 50 GFLOPS double precision floating point performance at about 25 Watts.
Prior to the release of GOFAST, floating point math libraries delivered with Microsoft C were not reentrant," Dunstan explained.
As the first commercial ClearSpeed product, the CSX600 will offer 64-bit, IEEE 754 double-precision floating point reaching 25 GFLOPS sustained performance (DGEMM), while the dual-chip CSX600 board will offer 50 GFLOPS sustained.