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Maxbore HDD: A one-sack system of premium Wyoming bentonite with additives for reduced fluid loss control and improved lubricating qualities.
Various kinds of fluid loss additives have been developed in last decades, such as Gilsonite, organic lignite, epoxidized cardanol derivative[4], metallic soap [5], modified tannin [6] and oil swell elastomer [7], etc.
In the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the traditional fluid loss additives of oil well cement, such as cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol, are easy degraded (5).
The illustrations show that two per cent of fluid loss in sweat will lead to tiredness and four per cent will invite headache.
He learned the dangers of fluid loss, particularly the muscle fatigue that can come from electrolyte imbalance, as a high school cross-country and track-and-field athlete.
Negative effects on performance begin to occur with a loss of 3% of body weight due to fluid loss.
A good way to assess net fluid loss during training is to have athletes weigh themselves in their underwear before and again right after practice.
Normally, the subarachnoid space replenishes its level of CSF within a few hours after fluid loss, and the headache resolves.
The frequent diarrhea, described by most soldiers as 10 or more bowel movements per day, led to dehydration for most, which was compounded by the fluid loss from the extreme heat.
N Take plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to replace the fluid loss from sweating.
The report suggests that when babies suffer dehydration, it could be that their system helps them to survive a further episode of sudden fluid loss by retaining salt.
This will cut down on fluid loss and guard against infection.