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Early fluid resuscitation with hyperoncotic hydroxyethyl starch 200/05 (10%) in severe burn injury.
10) An 18-gauge catheter placed in the jugular vein was used for phlebotomy and fluid resuscitation and to sample blood for PCV and lactate concentrations with a portable analyzer (Accutrend-Lactate, Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany).
Publication of the FEAST study in the NEJM in June 2011, evaluating the effect of fluid resuscitation in resource-poor settings, has raised the issue of safety of bolus fluids in children with febrile illness and impaired perfusion.
Improved survival with early fluid resuscitation following hemorrhagic shock.
Secondary abdominal compartment syndrome after severe extremity injury: are early, aggressive fluid resuscitation strategies to blame?
An earlier package of antibiotics and fluid resuscitation would have made a difference.
The vicious cycle of organ dysfunction may be perpetuated by excessive fluid resuscitation.
The Campaign emphasizes early diagnosis; source control (early initiation of appropriate antibiotics and, if necessary, timely drainage); early goal-directed fluid resuscitation and initiation of vasopressor support to restore hemodynamic function, support of oxygenation and ventilation as necessary; proper use of sedation and analgesia; prevention of the complications of critical illness (venous thromboembolic disease, stress-related mucosal disease, glycemic control); and early nutritional support.
Hematocrit should be measured at admission and again at 12 and 24 hours to help guide fluid resuscitation.
Phenylephrine infusion was started; however, hypotension remained refractory to fluid resuscitation and vasopressor therapy.
After admission, Kyle became increasingly unwell and the Trust accepts that a diagnosis of meningococcal septicaemia should have been made earlier and antibiotics, and fluid resuscitation, should have been commenced earlier," it read.
The treatment included aggressive intravenous fluid resuscitation, administration of dopamine, and antimicrobial agent therapy with teicoplamin and clindamycin.