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Preparations containing certain kinds of oestrogen, some contraceptive pills, and some hormone replacement treatment can cause this kind of fluid retention in sensitive women.
SnoreStop's unique homeopathic properties break up fluid retention in the throat to relieve snoring (something nasal-based snoring solutions fail to do).
A YOUR GP was right to take you off the tablets - they are not recommended for cases of fluid retention because of side-effects including kidney problems.
AYOU are right, you can't gain fat overnight and it is probably fluid retention.
It is thought flavonoids found in the fruit stabilise cell membranes, reducing fluid retention.
A THANKFULLY nature intended the female cycle to be natural and so provided Agnus castus as a hormonal balancer, with particular emphasis on lifting the uncomfortable bloating and breast discomfort associated with fluid retention.
If she does have allergic fluid retention, she should be able to lose several pounds in just one week.
Other common adverse reactions included anemia, asthenia, diarrhea, ocular/visual disturbances, fluid retention, alopecia, hepatic dysfunction, mucositis, and renal dysfunction.
MINERAL mud hot packs reduce fluid retention by stimulating the circulation.
First, before embarking on any form of complementary management, it is crucial to arrange to speak with your GP, in order to rule out any causes for the fluid retention.
I would estimate that one in 10 women have fluid retention and this can be just as much the enemy as fat.