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He said: "A second group of four lambs went down with fly strike on Tuesday morning.
uk FLY STRIKE FACTS FLY strike is mainly caused by the greenbottle and related fly species, which lay eggs on living mammals.
Fly strike is caused when they develop sore skin from urine or faecal soiling.
They will lay eggs in smelly areas, the larvae hatch very quickly and before you know it, you have a full-blown fly strike.
Now summer is here, beware of mucky bottoms, and fly strike.
A total of at least 225 poultry bird deaths could be attributed to black fly strikes.
This show about a family able to fly strikes a familiar chord with Eleanor and uncovering the anagram that protects his identity allows her to plan an investigation into his campaign to re-build Verulia.
These prevent sunburn, insect bites and fly strikes.
After a fly strikes, maggots develop within 24 hours, moving through the skin, and proceed to eat the sheep alive.