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The LED is placed in a focusable angle-hood reflector setting.
Among them is a solarpowered system that uses focusable mirrors to track the sun and channel light into fiber-optic spotlights, which illuminate a hanging art glass sculpture in the lobby.
Unlike other lights of its kind, the beam signature is perfectly pre-focused, leaving no shadows or ugly artifacts like human focusable lights.
This issue is really focusable as such economic model which comprehensively explores the transmission mechanism of economic behaviours in the developing economies is scarcely available.
Features include focusable optics and digital display of temperature; choice of peak hold, valley hold or continuous operation; and built-in calculating for maximum, minimum, or mean of a series of readings.
The ultra-lightweight, focusable BrightStar[TM] LED headlight comes outfitted with a padded, screw-adjustable polymer headband or as a "loop-ready" clip-on, focusable headlight attachment.
Among the pronominal elements of strategy III we find both strong pronouns, that is, independent, focusable elements as Polish siebie and the clitic pronouns of the Romance and Slavic languages such as French se or Polish sic, which invariably lean on a following or, in some cases, on a preceding verb.
An Opticon system consists of four elements, including the electronic signal processor, the detector sensing head, a fiber cable which can terminate in a high temperature rod and a fixed or focusable lens to give the desired spot size at the desired distance.
The 10x focusable eyepiece and adjustable eyeguard can accommodate all operators.