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It was selected from the same folk story as the previous sentence (33).
This magical firework folk story features a magnificent mechanical tiger who graces a 100m long stage, a statuesque emperor, colourful carnival dancers, and fabulous firework effects.
Barkbelly is aimed at eight to 12-year-olds and is based on an Eastern European folk story about a wooden baby.
Mark calls his style naive and says he has been influenced by illustrations from Polish, Czech and Hungarian folk story books.
Her inability to care for the child and her decision to place him out on the river for adoption raises many issues of right, wrong and loyalty and abandonment in a gentle folk story packed with insights perfect for discussion.
An enduring Welsh folk story of a servant girl executed for murdering her baby has been dramatised and is on course for London's West End.
Mulan, based on the Chinese folk story about a girl who dresses as a man to take her ailing father's place in battle, is arguably one of its best for years, but it came up against strong competition from three rival studios.
His decision to tail the rabbi to learn the truth leads to some surprising revelations in this excellent Jewish folk story that holds lessons on trust and understanding.
Highlights include the firework folk story the Emperor and the Tiger, created by Walk the Plank, and Kinetika with Brouhaha, a Samba School, and the opening of the Imaginary Festival organised by Liverpool Children's Festival on Friday, August 8.
This lovely folk story with gorgeous color photos is a recommended 'must' for any picture book collection strong in wisdom tales in general and Chinese folk stories in particular.
It was based on the famous Pashto folk story of Yusuf Khan and Sherbano.
A darkly magical folk story, written by the composer and librettist of Opera North's hugely successful The Adventures of Pinocchio, Swanhunter is a celebration of the power of song, designed specifically for a family audience - for adults just as much as for children.