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Food rationing had started on January 8, 1940, four months after the outbreak of war when limits were imposed on the sale of bacon, butter and sugar.
Janet Simpson's (Viewpoints, August 6) letter refreshed my childhood wartime memories of food rationing, hunger and being very frightened in bombing raids.
1953: No new ration books were to be issued in the run-up to the abolition of food rationing, said the Food Minister Gwilym Lloyd George.
THE Government will introduce food rationing in the event of a major terrorist attack.
FOOD Share, an organization that supplies food to agencies that serve the needy, recently reported that it would need to nearly double the more than 6 million pounds of food it takes in every year to eliminate food rationing by agencies in Ventura County.
What many young people of the current generation will not know is that food rationing did not totally end until 1954, but irrespective of any rationing, my family never went hungry.