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For months, it was convenient for the Western media -- consumed by the agenda of wanting someone else than Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe -- to pretend that Zimbabwe was the only country in the region threatened by food shortages "because of land occupation".
The area continues to suffer food shortage due to severe drought and absence of government response to the public health challenges in the area for a long time.
Speaking to Cihan news agency, a displaced woman said they encounter both food shortage and various health problems in the camps and government does not take care of them enough.
Pyongyang, Sept 13 (ANI): Nearly half of the North Korean army is starving because of the acute food shortages in the country, it has emerged.
With these facts in mind, we fear Afghanistan may experience the food shortage problem this coming winter.
Nine persons including seven children died due to food shortage, cholera and intestinal diseases in the area.
It was appalling to see images of victims of starvation in Niger hit the Western media in July 2005, when the food shortage had been announced nearly a year before without triggering a response that could have prevented or ameliorated a famine.
The high rate of schizophrenia associated with the Dutch famine, caused by a Nazi blockade, could have been explained by food shortage or other factors.
Mongolia's Red Cross called Wednesday for financial aid and food to help it cope with a food shortage expected to affect at least 238,000 Mongolians due to heavy snow.
Peterson also discusses the disastrous food shortage that plagued Europe after 1944.
NEW YORK -- In effort to counter New York City's critical emergency food shortage, City Harvest (www.
The death toll due to food shortage in the desert district of Thar has reached to 137 with the death of two more children.

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