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This initiative will enable us to expand footprint for the benefit of the people across the country and fulfill the tenets of care required for foot diseases.
Twenty percent are Alzheimer's and psychiatric patients, 13 percent paralytics, 10 percent suffer from diabetic foot diseases and 2 percent from malignant diseases.
The Amrita Endocrinology, Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Conference (AEDFC 2012) which is being held from 14th to 16th September 2012, at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi, purports to deliberate upon newer treatment of peripheral vascular disease in diabetes and diabetic foot diseases, and the latest techniques in the management of Charcot Foot and reconstructive foot surgery.
Investigation of incidence, Pathophysiology and Etiology of Foot Diseases in Dairy Cattle of Andhra Pradesh.
Running foot diseases are in large part non-traumatic, being mostly related to overuse.