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Meanwhile Scotland's Falkirk Council wants to develop a cycle and foot trail through its surrounding countryside.
When she follows a foot trail through tall grasses on land, she still follows paths created by black bear--not by people.
Approaching Peeples Canyon from the north, the foot trail crosses over a harsh landscape of rocks.
And she heard how, in 1986, Kills Straight made the journey along the Big Foot Trail, on horseback.
A foot trail, the 90-mile Maad-Daah-Hey (Mandan for "grandfather"), will soon traverse the grassland.
I can understand that people would look at that and say, `Oh my, that's wide for an 8 foot trail.
Leonard Cancer Research Fund, contact: Chairman Rob Evans, 331 Deer Foot Trail, Chanhassen, MN 55317; (612) 445-0565.
With 35 miles of woodland foot trail, 20 wild lakes and ponds and seven major hills, one would think it would be heavily visited in such a densely populated place like New York City.
2--Color) The newly opened stretch of bike and foot trail in Valencia includes a stone bridge across a swift-running stream.
Along the eastern foot trails toward the "puting bato" (white rock) of Mt.
Alison Howell's Foot Trails has just launched the Bath City and Country selfguided mid-week short break for walks along the River Avon and surrounding hills.