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The idea filled him with panic, so that he feared Dunsford would see that something was the matter with him: he could not think of anything to say; he pretended to listen to what Dunsford was talking about; the conversation maddened him; and it was all he could do to prevent himself from crying out to Dunsford for Heaven's sake to hold his tongue.
Get back to calling each other names in the papers for heaven's sake, it isn't as if there aren't any other things to occupy you.
I was thinking 'holy cow,' the settlement fund in Canada is about what we use to renovate a building, for heaven's sake.
But for heaven's sake, it was never about liberating or not liberating homosexuals.
I always think if you eat healthily generally and then fancy a pizza, then for heaven's sake, make sure it's a good one - none of this diet junk.
But my recommendation is to study his commentary on discrete pieces one at a time (Don't read this book cover to cover, for heaven's sake.
For heaven's sake, Napoleon has a brandy and a pastry named after him, and all Samson has is a line of luggage.
When this matter comes up for decision, I hope the historic value of the POB will be recognized and possibly its jurisdiction extended, but for heaven's sake, leave it a self-regulatory body free of statutory controls and free of statutory requirements for membership.
To all those out in the house applauding like mad at her new gimmicks, I say - nay, I beg - for heaven's sake, let Lucinda be Lucinda.
For heaven's sake, the American Association of University Women even named you Woman of the Year and the Press Club gave you a special award.
She's a good looking young woman, for heaven's sake.