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Parsons has donated oodles of money to the GOP, and he's probably pocketed more gay dollars than Boyias could dream of--Warner Music puts out Madonna's CDs, for Pete's sake.
I refer to the column, For Pete's Sake, on May 5 in which Peter Collins drew attention to the apathy and lack of compassion which he sees around him in our society.
solid is a risk to every vendor's health, especially small companies who don't have 100 staffers available; 5) Let vendors attend educational sessions when the floor is closed; they are, after all, the folks throwing the Big Bucks at the conference, and prohibiting them perpetuates the sentiment that the back of the bus still exists; 6) If you feed attendees, for Pete's sake, feed vendors, too.
For Pete's sake, it's a novel, or, at best, a historical novel with a very partisan view of history.