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We measured the frequency of bait monopoly by a single species, as well as the number of recruited ant foragers at a bait.
Tuna-fish baits were used to lure ant foragers from nest entrances, which were then marked with flagging and located with a pair of x-y coordinates.
Forager Tim Ace, of Gower Wildflowers, is supplying to a niche market, foodies with a taste for adventure PICTURE: Kiran Ridley
As the bees that remain in the nest have significantly lower rates of mortality than foragers (Alford 1975, Garofalo 1978, Katayama 1996), the results reported by Katayama (1996) are not surprising.
The forager bees will most likely be reassigned to help manage the humidity and temperature in the hive.
This could be a function of evolution; the foragers might see the chemicals of a new type of food they can collect during times of scarcity.
Clear line drawings are provided to assist foragers in accurate identification.
Instead, the November increase correlated with increased numbers of mite-bearing foragers captured at colony entrances.
Nectar foragers gather information from their nest mates about the nectar supply within the hive (Dreller et al.
Some of the most hard-core mushroom foragers stay on the freeway until the outskirts of P-town, whereupon they veer off to the north, heading for the Municipal Airport and Race Point.
The Big Sur Foragers Festival may have changed the location of its annual Grand Chef Dinner for 2017, but the events culinary star power remains intact.