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The force of gravity governs the motion of planets, asteroids, and other bodies in the solar system.
But an outside force pulls Olson down fast--the force of gravity, or Earth's downward pull on all objects.
They find the concept of core rotation hard to explain because the solid iron sphere should be locked in step with the rest of the planet by the almost indomitable force of gravity, says Buffett.
The downward force of gravity causes waves to break.
Einstein's general theory of relativity interprets the force of gravity as a geometric effect--the presence of matter warps a four-dimensional entity known as spacetime.
Computer simulations taking into account the structure's geometry, the mass of its parts, the slope angle, the force of gravity, and other factors, however, failed to generate stable walking.
That expansion continued as matter cooled and condensed into dust, stars, and galaxies, drawn together by the force of gravity.
To visualize how the force of gravity acting on a column of a granular material is transmitted downward and outward by the grains, Nagel and his coworkers studied the behavior of glass beads immersed in a mixture of water and glycerol.
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The commonest one is simply when fluid collects under the force of gravity.
Do you think you would be able to move with three times the force of gravity pressing on you?