Forced Sale

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Forced Sale

An involuntary transaction that occurs in the form and at the time specified by law for the purpose of applying the proceeds to satisfy debts, such as a mortgage or a tax lien, incurred by the owner of the property.

A forced sale results from the execution of a judgment previously rendered by a court.

forced sale

n. a sale of goods seized by the sheriff to satisfy (pay) a judgment. (See: execution)

See: condemnation
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On average, forced sales in Cyprus could take up to ten years and in some cases 15, the Bank Association said.
This forced sale is precipitated by the mix of extraordinary circumstances confronting Heartland and the recent drop in its stock price.
Although the SPE helps isolate the property from the risk of a forced sale, the risk remains that multiple tenants expose the property to the risk that the bankruptcy-remoteness of any one of them could fail, thus causing the collapse of the TIC.
We believe that nothing in the hospital's practice of recruiting physicians to eastern San Diego County warrants a forced sale or closure of the hospital - especially given the lack of any evidence that any physician compromised his or her medical judgment when referring a patient to Alvarado.
They don't know whether the sales price was the result of a forced sale or was actually fair market value.
Seidman's objective is the forced sale of existing companies, not the creation of value over the long term.
If the SBA were to require the Company to immediately pay back the entire indebtedness including accrued interest, certain private security investments may need to be disposed of in a forced sale which may result in proceeds less than their carrying value at March 31, 2002.