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A bank, Securities firm, or other financial institution that regularly renders services for another in an area or market to which the other party lacks direct access. A bank that functions as an agent for another bank and carries a deposit balance for a bank in another city.

Securities firms may have correspondents in foreign countries or on exchanges—organizations that provide facilities for convening purchasers and sellers of securities—of which the firms are not members.

The term correspondent is distinct from corespondent—a person summoned to respond to litigation, together with another person, particularly, a paramour in a Divorce action based on Adultery.


adjective adapted, agreeable, agreed, akin, analogous, answerable, apposite, belonging, coequal, coextensive, cognate, coinciding, collateral, comfortable, comparable, commensurable, complementary, concomitant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlative, corresponsive, counterpart, equal in effect, equal in force, equal in significance, equal in value, equivalent, fit, fitted, germane, harmonious, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, similar, suitable, suited, synonymous, uniform


noun analogue, complement, correlative, counterpart, duplicate, equal, obverse, pendant, reciprocator, similitude
See also: accompanying, agreed, akin, analogous, apposite, appropriate, coequal, coextensive, cognate, collateral, commensurable, comparative, complement, concomitant, concordant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlate, correlative, counterpart, fit, germane, harmonious, litigant, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, relevant, similar, suitable, uniform
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But as one paper after another closed foreign bureaus, he realized he needed not only to teach reporters how to work overseas, but to get them there--fast.
It has 15 foreign bureaus and has assigned two major bureaus to each of its four largest papers.
Quality" isn't just about how many foreign bureaus you have or how long your big features can run.
Yet Horrocks hopes to take advantage of the cuts in foreign bureaus by the Big Three in the U.
In Editor's Desk, agenda of Turkey and the world is assessed by editors of services, 18 local editor-in-chiefs in Turkey and AA's foreign bureaus such as in Washington, Beijing, Paris, Berlin, London and Cairo.
When other companies slashed newsroom staffs and shuttered domestic and foreign bureaus, the Times did not.
Newsrooms have shrunk dramatically and foreign bureaus have been decimated.
Newsday has closed all of its foreign bureaus, and most major media outlets have abandoned foreign posts.
CCTV has also said it plans to open more foreign bureaus.
Newspapers are crying the blues and reducing their staffs getting rid of expensive veteran writers, editors, and foreign bureaus.
The Globe has been moving to cut costs and said last week that it would close its three remaining foreign bureaus.

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