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noun bank notes, bills, cash, circulating medium, coin, government notes, hard cash, legal tender, medium of exchange, moneta, money, money in actual use, notes, paper money, ready money, specie
Associated concepts: lawful currency
See also: cash, disclosure, money, publication

CURRENCY. The money which passes, at a fixed value, from hand to hand; money which is authorized by law.
     2. By art. 1, s. 8, the Constitution of the United States authorizes congress "to coin money, and to regulate the value thereof." Changes in the currency ought not to be made but for the most urgent reason, as they unsettle commerce, both at home and abroad. Suppose Peter contracts to pay Paul one thousand dollars in six months-the dollar of a certain fineness of silver, weighing one hundred and twelve and a half grains-and afterwards, before the money becomes due, the value of the dollar is changed, and it weighs now but fifty-six and a quarter grains; will one thousand of the new dollars pay the old debt? Different opinion may be entertained, but it seems that such payment would be complete; because, 1. The creditor is bound to receive the public currency; and, 2. He is bound to receive it at its legal value. 6 Duverg. n. 174.

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988 (enacted in 1986), certain foreign currency losses are treated as ordinary losses.
notification to the IMF of its exchange arrangements and the FOMC's Foreign Currency Directive.
distributors that purchase products from related parties in foreign currency should consider their foreign exchange exposures in light of their transfer pricing policies.
B of the Committee's Authorization for Foreign Currency Operations and its use in referenced under paragraph 3.
Foreign currency IDR: to 'BB+' Rating Outlook Stable, from 'BB' Rating Outlook Stable.
As the foreign currency IDR's of both banks are constrained by the country ceiling, it is highly likely that Bancolombia and BBVA Colombia's foreign currency long term IDRs would follow an upgrade of the Colombian country ceiling.
Additionally, the upgrade of the Foreign currency long-term IDR reflect ratings that were capped by the sovereign rating of Brazil and remain in most cases below the Local currency long-term IDR of the issuers.
Our foreign currency corporate upgrades reflect Brazil's improving external balance sheet, which translates to lower risk for the Brazilian corporates', said Daniel R.
MONTERREY, Mexico & NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has revised the Outlook on the long-term foreign currency issuer default ratings (IDRs) of two Colombian banks; Bancolombia and BBVA Colombia to Positive from Stable, after taking the same action on the sovereign foreign currency IDR.
International scale foreign currency IDR affirmed at 'BB-'; Outlook Positive;
NEW YORK -- Fitch has upgraded the foreign currency long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of Banco BHD and Republic Bank (DR) to 'B' from 'B-'.
Foreign currency bonds due 2006 to 'B-/RR4' from 'CCC+/RR4'

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