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The entrance into a country of foreigners for purposes of permanent residence. The correlative term emigration denotes the act of such persons in leaving their former country.




noun admission of foreigners, change of national location, colonization, entry of aliens, establishment of foreign residence, expatriation, forrign influx, incoming population, ingress, migration, movement of population, transmigration
Associated concepts: issuance of visas
See also: entrance, entry, inflow

IMMIGRATION. The removing into one place from another. It differs from emigration, which is the moving from one place into another. Vide Emigration.

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7) Foreign labor percentage of total labor force in Singapore was calculated from information provided by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower, available at http://stats.
Foreign labor is entering Iraq, under different reasons, such as religious tourism or special vocations, that are incorrect reasons, which necessitates continuous observation and serious legislative measures to prevent such violations and the imposition of large financial penalties on companies that allow foreign labor to enter into Iraq.
The Gulf countries should deal with the foreign labor in a serious and objective manner.
He added that experience had shown that concerns over a wave of foreign labor and heavy trucks swamping the country had proved to be unfounded.
These firms oppose a California Supreme Court decision that empowered San Francisco activist Marc Kasky to sue Nike over what he calls falsehoods in its press releases, newspaper stories and other communications defending its allegedly harsh foreign labor practices.
Taiwan's government hinted Friday it will use the import of foreign laborers to further the island's diplomatic agenda and that countries refusing to comply with Taipei's foreign labor policies might see their quotas cut.
And the slowdowns could grow worse this month if the INS expands the premium program to include H-1B petitions, which go to businesses hiring foreign labor.
The cabinet report says a quota on foreign residents would ''seriously question'' Switzerland's international commitments, ''endanger Swiss humanitarian policies'' on asylum and refugees and damage Switzerland's image and its economy, which is heavily dependent on foreign labor.
Foreign labor is the commodity that will most affect industry as a whole, according to the chamber's chief economist.
But since the Thai economy fell into crisis in 1997 its ability to support foreign labor has diminished, officials said.
And while we blocked the products of foreign labor, we didn't block the foreign labor itself: Mass immigration supplied the manpower - and much of the brain power for the new mass production economy that propelled the country to affluence.

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