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The entrance into a country of foreigners for purposes of permanent residence. The correlative term emigration denotes the act of such persons in leaving their former country.




noun admission of foreigners, change of national location, colonization, entry of aliens, establishment of foreign residence, expatriation, forrign influx, incoming population, ingress, migration, movement of population, transmigration
Associated concepts: issuance of visas
See also: entrance, entry, inflow

IMMIGRATION. The removing into one place from another. It differs from emigration, which is the moving from one place into another. Vide Emigration.

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At the same time, while attempting to fulfill the diverse demands for foreign labor of various sectors, the government should review the effect it will have on state finances and social integration," it said.
Syrian labor most directly competes with other foreign labor for low-skilled jobs, rather than with Jordanians, but Syrians are also taking many positions the government wants Jordanians to have.
Increasing foreign labor supply could be an effective strategy to reduce labor shortages, given this policy option has received less attention in the literature and in policy debate with regard to Japan.
Yet low-skilled foreign labor, called "work permit holders," make up the bulk of Singapore's foreign workforce, with those in construction alone comprising almost 25 percent of the total foreign workforce of about 1.
13) , they find that local investors are importing cheap foreign labor to them, which will be expensive on the Iraqi economy after the expansion of this phenomenon, demanding, Investment Authority, to follow-up this matter .
To plan also suggests increasing 15~20% of foreign labor quota.
He said that the allocations for the Unemployment Reduction Network had faced a problem, caused by the foreign labor in Iraq, adding that his Ministry "had been striving to fight that issue, despite fact that it had covered different sources entering foreign labor into Iraq.
Though this dossier is a volatile "time bomb", some Gulf governments are still lenient in dealing with this thorny issue, as they still cling to the concept of depending on foreign labor in critical sectors and vital facilities.
GPC for passports and nationality general administration solely has right to procure foreign labor to resume economic activity so that permission for procurement of foreign labor will not exceed 70% and the remaining 30% will be from Libyan labor force searching for work.
According to Saudi Labor Minister Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, who headed meeting, the basis of the Bahraini project is to "raise the cost of importing foreign labor to such an extent that it would no longer be feasible to import it".
Farben, operated a plant in Auschwitz supervised by the SS, produced Zyklon B to gas Jews and other victims of the Nazis, and employed forced foreign labor.

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