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8 of January, 1954, which states that "everyone has the right to an established name or to a name acquired according to the law") in conjunction with those of the article 83 of the new Civil Code, allows no other interpretation than the one according to which the surname and forename are just components of a single right: the right to a name (Chelaru, 2012).
Mothers' names are more likely to be selected as middle names, rather than forenames, for daughters.
Which painter had the forenames Joseph Mallord William?
Enter Alvin, Simon and Theodore - the forenames of three Liberty executives.
Henry, the tall boy pictured in the centre at the back, said: "I have tried to name them all, but some of the forenames elude me.
For 36-year-old Asmussen, whose given forenames were a less glamorous "Brian" and "Keith", the victory was his first in an Irish Derby at just his fourth attempt.
It takes into account all the factors which may account for variability such as abbreviations, case sensitivity, tag words, titles, forenames, punctuations, etc.
This principle is based on the presumption of innocence, to which large swathes of the popular press often pay scant lip service or ignore altogether, by depriving the accused of the courtesy of their title as soon as they are charged, but referring to the alleged victims by either their full title or their forenames.
Who was the last British monarch to lead his forenames Hawley Harvey?
The initiative, which is aimed at raising the profile of the sport's leading players, was launched last Thursday, but already several trainers have expressed surprise at finding themselves listed by unfamiliar forenames, rather than the name by which they are widely known.
We had Cameron and Clegg always associating themselves with the questioner by using their forenames, with a lot of hand gestures, and from Brown a lot of head shaking as his questions went unanswered.
Bela (1881-1945), Hector (1803-69) Leonard (1918-90), Georges (1838-73), Arthur (1891-1975), Alexander (1833-87), Pierre (1925- ), Johannes (1833-97), Benjamin (1913-76) and William (1539-1623) are the forenames of 10 famous composers.