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He noted that this form of leadership style differs from the transactional that operates a reward system among his employees; the transformational leaders set an example for their followers and ensure dramatic changes within the organisation.
But as we joined the European Union, and then attempted to beat fellow members at their own game by building up our banks and becoming a financial service centre, we forced the sun to set on Clerides' form of leadership.
The era of this form of leadership may have ended, as Indonesia faces internal and external changes that demand a new kind of leadership.
The sad truth is that her form of leadership is rare.
It calls for an advanced form of leadership for all nurses.
A president can, however, exercise another form of leadership - as Washington did in his humility, Lincoln in his steadfastness and Roosevelt in his buoyancy.
It is a form of leadership which does not amount to the totalitarianism of an ideological state, yet uses state apparatuses to build a new society inspired by the values upheld by the party.
UpRising is developing a new form of leadership, based on skill, integrity and an understanding of communities, with social action at its core.
A calculation shows that almost 30% of the pounds 558,487 total allowances paid, are in relation to the mayoral system, this alone costing the people of Middlesbrough over pounds 150,000 per annum (that is the mayoral remuneration and that of the mayor's seven executive members) Considering the massive ongoing cutbacks that Middlesbrough continues to face surely this is a form of leadership we can ill afford.
Political opponents who have previously questioned whether the city needed a new form of leadership have lined up questions about exactly what Mayor Anderson - who has said having an executive mayor would bring new decision-making freedoms - has done in his new role which he could not have done as council leader.
Clear "I'll expect whoever is match captain to understand what his role is, be clear about the team's aims and appreciate that the best form of leadership is consistent performance.