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The project, taking place at the interface of mathematics and computer science, has the potential to make a significant impact in three different ways: by advancing the research on Stone duality and formal language theory, by facilitating a new collaboration between the European host institute and a world-leading mathematics department in the USA, and by establishing the applicant~s position as a leading young researcher in his field.
Introducing this formal language is a plaster cast of a Virgin and Child from Notre-Dame, the cathedral's only surviving original trumeau (the vertical central pillar between two doors or windows).
His areas of research includes formal language theory, natural language processing and semantic web technologies.
Discussing real-world applications of the team's profound design philosophy and formal language, which seek to motivate and energise public spaces, Albaker noted one was indeed in progress, although he was not at liberty to provide details of the project.
In the more formal language of game theory, the struggle between the public and the private sectors is a "zero-sum game"; that is, whatever resources one player wins, the other player must lose a matching amount.
According to Hadid,"The design defines a series of academic and research facilities using a formal language of paths and connections that allows the existing buildings to be read as separate elements, maintaining their current detached character.
In the classical context, this happens as soon as the formal language has infinitely many elementary letters; for many non-classical logics, it can also arise in the finite case.
He speaks in street slang, not the formal language of a diplomat.
Entitled Aqua, the concept references the formal language of Hadid's renowned London Aquatics Centre.
The Gideon bible is full of references to sex and violence, although it's written using more formal language, so James' book is easier to read.
Written by Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah, the formal language used by the alien host suggests Ms Onwurah may have quickly become fed up with the often jargon-filled phrases used by civil servants.
In Section 2, some terms, commonly used for the organization and architecture of a formal language, systems, theories, models and also a space framework or the axis system are described.

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