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Designers need a formal verification solution so as to provide best-in-class performance and quality, on a timely basis.
NASDAQ: CDNS) said it has announced the next-generation Cadence JasperGold formal verification platform.
Sugar has been an integral part of IBM's formal verification toolset since 1995, and is used in tools made available to IBM ASIC customers as part of the Blue Logic Design Methodology flow.
Because our customer designs are complex and highly advanced, we need to offer a high-speed and reliable formal verification solution," says Nobuyuki Nishiguchi, NEC's department manager of design methodology, Systems LSI Design Engineering Division.
Tuxedo LEC combines speed, performance, capacity and ease of use for the rapid and reliable formal verification of full-chip designs.
Verix is Real Intent's Intent-Driven formal verification system for the verification of RTL designs.

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