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Forte for Java 4 early access code is currently available free of charge to members of the early access developer community at http://forte.
org, The Forte for Java IDE is built on the NetBeans platform.
Forte for Java enterprise edition is Forte's SynerJ.
0 of its Forte for Java integrated development environment (IDE).
Sun Microsystems Inc has introduced Forte for Java release 2.
Available for download from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and the Forte for Java AutoUpdate Center, this integration plug-in enables Forte for Java developers to develop and deploy applications on Oracle9iAS and benefit from its lightweight Java technology engine and scalability provides one of the fastest development, deployment and management environments for applications.
Sun ONE Studio, formerly the Forte for Java IDE, is the core developer component of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), which is Sun's vision, architecture, platform and expertise that enables the development and delivery of services on demand.
The new product lineup includes Forte(TM) for Java(TM) 4, Enterprise Edition featuring Web services and Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB(TM)) component development support; the first release of Forte for Java 4, Mobile Edition, tailored for developing mobile device applications; Forte for Java 4, Community Edition, which spans development from the client up through the Web tier (JSP/Servlet); and release 7 of Forte Developer, which helps developers extend C/C++ applications into a services architecture running on the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment.
The integration allows developers to use ZeoSphere Enterprise Developer software tools directly within Sun's latest version of Forte for Java, Community Edition.
Sun also announced that some of the mobile device and service provider industry's most influential companies, including Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sprint, will integrate Forte for Java products with their developer tools and redistribute the products to their developer communities.
InCert also announced the integration of Halo with Oracle's JDeveloper IDE and Sun Microsystem's Forte for Java IDE.
This group includes many members of the Forte for Java Extension Partner Program, which assists independent software vendors (ISVs) in extending Sun's Forte for Java product.