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Republicans have shied from challenging Bush by placing party loyalty above institutional loyalty, contrary to the expectations of the Founding Fathers.
Our Founding Fathers carried muskets," says Daniel Vice, an attorney with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
The Founding Fathers did lead the war for independence from Britain.
To African Americans, Houston was more founding father than anyone who framed the Constitution.
We who obey the rule of law, who recognize the wisdom of our founding fathers, who support the liberties established by our Bill of Rights--what are we going to do about the lawlessness encouraged by the far right's Pat Buchanans, Pat Robertsons, Jerry Falwells, and others of their ilk?
Governor Huckabee said, "I have enormous respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers, whose vision has stood the test of time.
Through them and their works, the political history of Rome began to inform the political philosophy of Europe and, later, America, where the American Founding Fathers were influenced by several factors, very much including their familiarity with the history of Rome.
Each side of our modern culture wars has attempted to appropriate the Founding Fathers for their own purposes.
Instead of remembering those men as traitors or troublemakers, we honor them as heroes and Founding Fathers.
That in the four years since the museum's former Ben Franklin retired, Soinski has brought the persona of one of America's founding fathers and greatest inventors alive for thousands of schoolchildren in this state when he drops by their schools in his mobile colonial printing shop.
The Founding Fathers also wanted to ensure that support for a candidate was broad as well as deep, so that, for example, a candidate who received 90 percent of the vote in Southern states and a slim majority of votes nationally could not be elected against the will of the rest of the country.
At Oxford University the founding fathers of population genetics thought the answer lay in the peppered moth, and supported the field research of an amateur entomologist named Bernard Kettlewen.