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Multiple ILS types appeared for each of the four temperaments.
In some cases, say with the four temperaments, it is possible to illustrate such concepts by reference to direct visual representations of them, or through Durer's painting The Four Apostles in Munich, in which each apostle refers to a temperament, but the discussion of the 'human machine' is more difficult to illustrate, except by the representation of automata.
This season of carefree living is considered the most favorable of the Four Temperaments, and is what one strives to hold onto, or to become.
The author concludes that the study: (1) establishes that there are statistical differences in how the four temperaments rate their competence; (2) confirms Roberts' and Macdaid's temperament distributions for college presidents; (3) reasonably establishes the representatives of the study sample from which conclusions may be drawn; and (4) provides a springboard from which other such studies can be generated.
Whether it's Keirsey's four temperaments, Myers-Briggs sixteen types, Enneagram's nine personalities, or the simplistic Type A/Type B personality, they all try to codify, classify, and quantify an individual's unique personality.
The answer comes in recognizing and understanding our children and the four temperaments.
It meshes with the rest of the room because the four elements and the four temperaments were analogous to one another: the balance of elements in one's body determined one's complexion or temperament.
Visitors were greeted by panels showing the Four Elements and the Four Temperaments, based on Dutch originals, before passing into the Hall where four of the labours of Hercules were seen, inspired in this case by the work of the Italian artist, Entonio Tempesta.
1902 Carl Nielsen dirige su segunda sinfonia: The Four Temperaments.
Each of the four temperaments is identified by two letters--SP, SJ, NT, and NF.
And the pelvic thrusts, contractions and high kicks that characterize African folk dance found expression in ballets such as Balanchine's The Four Temperaments.