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Fractals enables clients to have total strategic control of their system without dependency on NCR.
Key words: HASH, fractal geometry, information system, authentication, fractal set
The infinite number of generalized dimensions of fractals and strange attractors.
The work of artist Nachume Miller (1949-1998) is often interpreted as fractals.
Fractal:Intelligence is built on the concept of Fractal Mapping, providing access to multiple levels of data structure and enabling extreme concentration of data on screen without loss of clarity.
Taylor has been studying these patterns for more than a half-dozen years, and most recently he found that people actually have a physical reaction to fractals that is strongest when the patterns have a certain "D value.
Fractal Map can be used to represent the comparative performance of multiple share portfolios against the NASDAQ index.
Of course, whether Pollock intended his fractal results is unknown.
Far from being merely mathematical abstractions, fractals pop up throughout the natural and the humanmade world.
Description and measurement of Landsat TM images using fractals.
The word comes from the Latin root, fractus, meaning "broken," because fractals create broken or irregular shapes that nevertheless form a regular pattern.
Nonlinear Dynamics for Clinicians: Chaos Theory, Fractals, and Complexity at the Bedside, Lancet, Vol.