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Normalization of coronary fractional flow reserve with successful intracoronary stent placement to a myocardial bridge.
Contract notice: Dzp / 64/2015 supply of materials for catheterization laboratory lease and apparatus for intracoronary ultrasound and measuring fractional flow reserve.
This device features new technology designed to provide physicians with a fast and easy way to perform Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) procedures.
The system combines fractional flow reserve (FFR, an index determining the functional severity of narrowing in the coronary arteries) and intravascular optical coherence tomography (OCT, an optical signal acquisition and processing method that captures micrometer-resolution, 3-D images from within biological tissue) imaging technology.
importance of diastolic fractional flow reserve and dobutamine challenge in physiologic assessment of myocardial bridging.
Jude Medical PressureWire([TM]) Aeris, a wireless interventional tool that measures Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), can guide stent implantation in patients with coronary artery disease.
Opsens" or the "Company") (TSXV:OPS) (OTCQX:OPSSF), a company focusing on the measure of Fractional Flow Reserve ("FFR") in interventional cardiology, today announced that the October 1 presentation from Louis Laflamme, President and Chief Executive Officer, is now available for on-demand viewing at VirtualInvestorConferences.
Physiology, and particularly Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), has been proven to improve outcomes in powerful, well-validated clinical trials like DEFER, FAME and now FAME II, which was presented this week at EuroPCR.

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