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Als der Ich-Erzahler Frau Bruckers Fotoalbum durchblattert, verfolgt er anhand der "Bilder aus den 50er und 60er Jahren" (75) den bescheidenen wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg der Familie Brucker.
Mae 'na agoriad i mewn i'r anifail sy'n cael ei alw'n madreporit ac yn y seren frau, mae hwn ar ochr isaf y corff.
The Poltrona Frau Group official said they have operations at 65 places across the world, 23 of which are directly run by the Italian company.
Frau Gethmann (47) (born 1907) trained as a nurse at the Kaiser Wilhelm Diakonnissen in Koblenz before specializing in psychiatric nursing at the Protestant Women's Aid Society in Soest, Westphalia.
The spaces on the seven floors, including the area that will host the ministry's offices, will be furnished with Poltrona Frau office products, created by Italian designers of international renown such as Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Claudio Silvestrin and Luca Scacchetti.
Frau then had his credit cards, cash and mobile stolen before being dumped on the street while the thieves sped away in his motor.
Local police said that as Frau was getting into his car, he was approached by men in a car with flashing lights.
The dramatic characterization is particularly impressive, however, especially in the key relationship between Frau Margot and Kara, here vividly sung by soprano Lauren Flanigan and mezzo Patricia Risley.
Ignoring the storm clouds of war (it's 1939, and Hitler is about to march into Poland), Wisocky's Frau frantically initiates filming of Kleist's romantic tragedy "Penthesilea," casting herself in the title role.
Frau Pauland her husband began seeking ways to escape.
Fallende Frau, doppelkopfig (Falling woman, double-faced), 2004, is an apparently full-size female figure, which, however, is so elaborately swathed in artfully draped gray cloth that only its extremities are visible.
But with an option of three different woods--mahogany, rosewood, and briarwood--and interiors upholstered with Poltrona Frau leather, luxury is not lost to performance.