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Maybe I'm a freak of nature, maybe scoliosis actually helps, I don't know.
Simon is a freak of nature and I have nothing but admiration for him.
Summary: VENICE: A film based on the true story of Saartjie Baartman, a woman brought from what is now South Africa to Europe in the early 1800s and paraded as a freak of nature thanks to her appearance, has impressed audiences in Venice.
The squirrels are a one in 100,000 freak of nature, a Forestry Commission spokesman said.
Hurricane Freak of Nature wetsuit Described as the pinnacle of wetsuit performance, the Hurricane is created for ultimate speed, manoeuvrability and buoyancy.
Approaching the ripe old age of fifteen and still with no signs of the much anticipated ball-drop, Spud is coming to terms with the fact that he may well be a freak of nature.
The frontman of White Lion and Freak of Nature will be performing a solo acoustic show.
Even if by some freak of nature they were there at that exact moment they couldn't have gritted.
WE'VE got it baaad for this little porker who is a bit of an adorable freak of nature.
Suarez is a freak of nature and he will play the same in every game no matter.
Fin and old friend Whistler stumble a freak of nature - an empty loch, and the middle of it lies an airplane with a body inside.
Although Ferguson tried to play down the affair, branding it a freak of nature, Beckham is still seething.