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McCann considers (chapters six and seven) two challenges to his view: if God's creative act brings about (even if it does not cause) both free choice and the natural order, is not God culpable for both (i) the sin and (ii) the suffering present in the world?
A lot of time students think poems are rubbish and they don't like them but by giving them free choice they enjoy them.
In the midst of the national conversation about the Employee Free Choice Act," Kim Bobo, executive director and founder of Interfaith Worker Justice, told Sojourners, "the release of this document demonstrates the problems workers face when they try to organize, even in religious institutions, and the need for significant changes in the process for workers making a choice about whether or not they want a union and getting a contract in a reasonable time period.
Click here to read NSBA's issue brief opposing the Employee Free Choice Act.
The language of the Employee Free Choice Act is purposefully vague in regard to small businesses because they are the prime target of the union movement, as the example of adult foster care demonstrates.
The focus of the debate is a provision in the free choice act that would require the National Labor Relations Board to certify a union if a majority of employees in a bargaining unit sign a petition, or "card," indicating their support for the effort.
Moreover, this comes at a time of great economic uncertainty; Congress should not enact any legislation that threatens our economic competiveness, including the Employee Free Choice Act.
TLMI says it opposes the Employee Free Choice Act for the following reasons:
A recent study by McLaughlin & Associates shows that nearly three-quarters (74%) of union households were opposed to the card check provisions in the Employee Free Choice Act.
The Employee Free Choice Act would amend the National Labor Relations Act to allow certification of a union if a majority of workers signed cards naming the union as their representative.
Legislative History on the Employee Free Choice Act
This suggests that the brain is very flexible when changing a free choice - rather like a spinning coin, a small nudge can push it one way or the other very easily.