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The introduction of the Free Choice legislation today gives Congress the opportunity to show American workers that they are willing to stand up for real change for working families and shape a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren.
The Free Choice Sightseeing - Free Choice Street Food and Free Choice Dining give clients the chance to maximize and personalize their visit on their very own way for the truly authentic experience.
Task 3 - drafting of implementing adaptation of the metering and billing of electricity to the right of free choice of supplier in eight buildings supplied from a distribution network of PGE Dystrybucja SA Branch Zamosc.
But just allow me to eat what I know keeps me in good health and what is my free choice.
However, I believe in the free choice of an individual and I certainly don't think tattoos or piercings define an individual.
countries' free choice and interfere into the process of their European integration.
Any health care plan, however compassionate, must include preservation of free will and free choice.
McCann considers (chapters six and seven) two challenges to his view: if God's creative act brings about (even if it does not cause) both free choice and the natural order, is not God culpable for both (i) the sin and (ii) the suffering present in the world?
A lot of time students think poems are rubbish and they don't like them but by giving them free choice they enjoy them.
In the midst of the national conversation about the Employee Free Choice Act," Kim Bobo, executive director and founder of Interfaith Worker Justice, told Sojourners, "the release of this document demonstrates the problems workers face when they try to organize, even in religious institutions, and the need for significant changes in the process for workers making a choice about whether or not they want a union and getting a contract in a reasonable time period.
The Employee Free Choice Act, also known as "check card" legislation, would fundamentally change the process for union elections and the collective bargaining process, making it easier for labor unions to organize employees into unions.
Specter's decision to switch parties has re-ignited rumors of a "compromise" on the Employee Free Choice Act (H.