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Compatibilists, on the other hand, accept the logical contradiction of free will and determinism as a creative paradox.
During the last three decades, researchers have readdressed the theoretical problems associated with traditional understandings of free will and determinism and have proposed a number of syntheses and new conceptualizations of freedom.
But if rule Beta is valid then, while the Consequence argument seems to show that free will and determinism are incompatible, the Mind argument seems to show that free will is also incompatible with indeterminism.
However, given that the invalidity of the Mind argument implies the invalidity of van Inwagen's Consequence argument, such a libertarian must provide an improved argument for the incompatibility of free will and determinism.
But then both free will and determinism would be ultimatese and robustly compatible (in the sense of being true on the same bivalent scale), or both conventionalese and equally unproblematic.
46) Libertarians think free will and determinism are incompatible; agents are free because they are originating causes; and thus determinism is false.
The writings of middle-period scholars reveal them to be keen about the role of the self for the free will and determinism dilemma.
Because Mahayana Buddhism embraces a more radical, non-linear, or holistic version of that doctrine, sometimes described distinctly as interdependent origination, that might be compatible with indeterminism, (14) Mahayanists are more likely to argue for incompatibilism between free will and determinism than Theravadins.