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LLANELLI Today: Mostly dry and sunny, but perhaps cloudy at first in the east with a few freezing fog patches; max temp -1C, min -6C.
Across the country, Christmas travellers yesterday endured a second day of airport chaos with continuing thick, freezing fog leading to scores of flight cancellations.
Visibility was reduced to less than 100 yards on many roads and freezing fog made driving conditions dangerous.
Freezing fog was also a problem in some areas and that disrupted airports, especially in the south.
Around the country freezing fog played havoc with travel, with flights cancelled, roads jammed and delays on main line rail and Tube services.
DerekTheWeather: More frost and freezing fog patches tonight and tomorrow.
The Met Office has predicted temperatures will drop to minus 5C tonight with mist and patchy freezing fog.
In the Christmas period of 2006 a high-pressure area covered the whole of Britain and for four days we had below-zero temperatures, with freezing fog and no wind.
Boxing Day should be dry, frosty with sunny spells away from lingering freezing fog patches.
MOTORISTS in Scotland struggled through ice and freezing fog yesterday as the wintry weather wreaked more havoc.
gt; COMMENT PAGE 18 FIVE-DAY WEATHER FORECAST FOR WALES ACCORDING TO THE MET OFFICE MONDAY: Freezing temperatures across the county with mist and freezing fog in some parts.
Tom Pemberton had planned to touch down at Hawarden airport after a day's flying, but was unable to land before freezing fog closed the airfield.