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Although she refuses to elope with or marry Dee when George discovers her infidelity, Marina's sexual escapades with him liberates her from her initial sexual frigidity and introduces her to the mutual respect derivable from the man-woman relationship.
After more than five decades of hostility, embargo, and diplomatic frigidity, December 17, 2014 brought news of the seemingly impossible--the beginnings of a thaw in relations between the United States and Cuba.
This is a fine performance where a firmly-planted sense of what was correct leaves an outer shell of frigidity firmly in place.
Some vital part of her has died: the repression of her instincts, the channeling of her creativity and love into meaningless acquisition and enforced togetherness, finds expression in sexual and emotional frigidity, (p.
Unresolved sexual experiences or fantasies of youthful sex can be misdirected at this stage of life: abuse, desire, lust, and frigidity may keep us from peace and contentment.
Under F we find: Fallopian tubes, Fantasies, Fellatio, Feminine, Fertility, Fertilization, Fetish, Fetus, Fingering, First sex, Fisting, Foreplay, Foreskin, French kissing, Frenulum, Frigidity.
PHILADELPHIA) Thursday Event to Answer Frigidity With Hand-to-Hand Warmth
More severe cases can involve hallucinations, tremors, palpitations, depression, fainting, wheezing, blurred vision, ringing in the ears and sexual problems such as frigidity and impotence.
With the frigidity of the subzero temperatures that day, our worship space seems particularly inviting.
He soon discovered (a) that Virginie's frigidity approaches zero degrees Kelvin and (b) that her conversations consists entirely of platitudes drawn from clerical textbooks.
Rose water is an aphrodisiac and the fragrance contains a euphoric to lift the spirits and is said to help with frigidity and impotence.