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As for sexual orientation, which the Supreme Court of Canada read into the Charter of Rights in 1995, it is described by the American Psychiatric Association as including the following: homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, transexuality, transvestitism, transvestic fetishism, autogynephilia, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism or sexual fetishism, zoophilia, sexual sadism, sexual masochism, necrophilia, klismaphilia, telephone scatalogia, urophilia, apotemnophilia, coprophilia, copraphagia, toucherism, partialism, gender identity disorder, frotteurism, and frattemism (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition).
What you're doing is called frotteurism and most culprits are between 15 and 25.
NO this is NOT healthy and it's against the law to commit frotteurism as rubbing yourself against someone else's body is called.
We now have so many mental illnesses that are diagnosable--and hence treatable under private medical insurance schemes--that the manual includes such things as frotteurism (the irresistible desire to sexually touch and tub against fellow passengers on mass transit--and who among us can honestly deny feeling some slight touch of that disorder now and then?